Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our new blog!

What is the aim of this blog? As I commented  in class, the blog is a space to write, share and learn with all your classmates.

Every month I am going to propose you a topic to write about it. The topic is going to be linked with what we are doing in class.
The idea is that you use the contents worked in class when you write about this topic.

How do you can participate in the blog?
You can take part in the blog in different ways. 

1- Writing a text:

Once you have read the instructions of the topic I recommend you take some time to think about a topic and write down some ideas to write about them.
Then, using the example as a model, write your text and send me to the school address (Intranet) or just give me a copy in a pen drive to have a feedback.
All the files are going to be upload and shared in the blog, once the deadline has finished.

2 - Writing a comment:
You can share your questions or comments with the rest of the class, or you can also propose interesting links to know more about the topic that we are working: funny vocabulary, online activities, interesting webpages... 
But please, when you use this option signed your comment, ONLY use your name and the initial of your surname and tell your class letter. Example: “Carla P. 6th A”. DO NOT GIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION!

But, first of all... Remember read the rules of the blog!

The second activity is available:
Deadline: 12th January
See you!

Your teacher!